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Juno spacecraft collects Jupiter eruptions


There is a picture of the bright light that the moon of Jupiter has shook.

The Moon, "Io & # 39; known as a part of the light, when the volcano erupted, gases and lava clouds entered the air in December.

When the volcanoes of the Nuclear Space of the NASA Juno volcano flew on the wing on 17, the Southwest Research Institute recently announced the release.

The giant gas moon, since it is the most volcanic active body in existence, the researchers lasted more than an hour on December 21.

This was also halfway to the Juno mission.

The main researcher, Juno Scott Bolton, told the team that they were "reporting on the ground" to see their moon in the polar regions of the multispectral campaign.

"However, nobody expected me to be lucky enough to see volcanic moon shooting material out of the moon's surface," Mr. Bolton said.

"This is the presence of the New Year, showing that Juno shows them clearly."

The image of the incredible event shows bright and bright orange moon across the moon's surface.

Images were taken from the space camera, JunoCam, and shared online.

The operator of JunoCam, Candice Hansen-Koharcheck, works by Planetary Science Institute and has written an experience to capture the blog post's phenomenon.

"There is already a shadow in the ground, but the heel of the feather allows it to reflect the sun's light, like the massifs or fogs that follow the sun after light," said Hansen-Koharcheck.

NASA scientists also used tools for measuring temperature and other data during the last fly.

The gathering of information about the moon in Jupiter is not the priority of Juno's role, but an additional one is said by the Italian National Astrophysics Institute Alberto Adriani.

"Although Jupiter's land is not the main targets of JIRAM, we are trying to get closer to one of them again and again, taking advantage of observation," Mr. Adriani said.

"The infrared blue instruments are sensitive to the waves, which are ideal for analyzing volcanism in Io,

"This is the best image of Io, which JIRAM has been able to collect so far".

NASA's Juno spacecraft started on August 5, 2011 and arrived five years later in Jupiter in July 2016.

The purpose of Juno is to finish in July 2021, the spacecraft that Jupiter pollutes orbit and collects important avenues.

NASA described the purpose of its spacecraft on the website, the main purpose of Juno to understand the origin and evolution of Jupiter planet.

"Under the compact cloud cover, Jupiter secures the basic processes and conditions under the guidance of our solar system," he said.

"Jupiter can also give critical knowledge of the planet's massive example as a critical understanding of planetary systems around other stars."

While exploring spaceships with the spaceship of the spacecraft on the fifth planet of the Sun, he has made spectacular paths.

The colorful clouds of Jupiter have fascinated the fascinating enthusiasts of the space, who are recognizable by shapes like mesmerized swirls.

This story originally appeared on Fox News and has been republished here with permission.

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