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Kabito crossed 115 pounds of gastric weight and then had to recover his weight: "I know everything" with the separation and the outcome, I included some anorexic depression "


"I was fed up, because I did not die, I did not like it, I'm very bad, my nose is broken and, in my opinion, there was an operating room, but I went through the other door."

Eduardo Massa AlcántaraIt's better known cabitoIn March 2017 gastric was crushed in the doctor's suggestion, and we know that there was a risk of continuing to lose weight. He measured humor 194 pounds When he met the doctor, and according to his story, reaching 100 kilos was "a dream". But his doctor examines how Cabito looks at the measures 1.84 metersHe said his ideal weight was 85.

For two years, this operation, which could have been more accurate for 20 months, allowed 40 days before a liquid diet, the ideal weight is lower and weight gain.

"It is no longer so small, because it was a stomach in a three-year-old boy and it happened to me that I closed the program distribution and exit. I do not want to put anorexic depression in terms, but it's anorexia", explains the comic teleshow.

"I now weigh 79, but I have 6 kilos of skin, that is, it is not fat, so I need a weight of 73 pounds, my weight is 85 and I am 79, five or six pounds., details and adds "doctors and nutritionists close by".

It's not like what he's doing in his "whole life," it's the treatment of humor to gain weight and restore weight. "I was also prepared five times a week, which was also forbidden", who continues to eat diet foods: "If I can not eat cereals as a whole yogurt. Something is easy and it gives me food".

"It's all learning, I was able to eat six empanadas, after half an hour, but now I do not finish one, and I do not eat any meat, because it's very heavy," says his usual transformations. food.

Regarding the rest of the skin, humorists have said they are the only aesthetic and fear of surgery, which is why it does not reach an unexpected cell. "The size of 32 trousers is already a miracle. L (large) T-shirts "and, in a way, he bought the money he had to buy when he had bought the" waist belt on his waist "when he bought his belts, pants and clothes.

What did you do now with what is soft? "I donate," he says and adds: "They did not eat so nice clothes here, maybe I had to travel and get more stuff".

Your departure Everything is enough

However, the proposal from the station has clarified the proposal to continue with another program, but has not yet made any adjustments. "Honestly, I thought no one could think of it, but on Monday after the editorial Matias I had to turn off my mobile phone," he says.

"While I am in the media, I feel Drinking four"She wants to go to the TV.

Awareness message

"If you take every note, if you act like a fat man, we have saved a life style," says Cabito. "Obesity is a disease and thinks it's because it's obese, it's a great help and it was my partner at that moment, and my family did not have anybody else," he said.
"Then, over time, there are kits, things that they did not want to hang out, but for everyone and not for me, I know the truth, then there are a lot of people who want to hang on my weight …", it repeats that it reveals the operation A part of what alcohol does not drink from the following period: "I did not drink enough, and now I take very little."

While the career of the future determines, the comedy has already had external projects due to the economic crisis in the country and the media. He studied cooking and nowadays he recommends cooking at the restaurant of Lanús Burger and will be subject to a restaurant that will be open to Costanera.

Your partner and friend is a chef Roberto Pini. "Together we cook and set the menu, after a chef, I will cook it.

"In the media, the crisis is so great that now, so I cooked and learned other things," he explains, acknowledging that he has lost his work due to his obesity. "No one is responsible when I talk about it, but the idiots are young, large, on television …"..

Past years, generations and the media have changed their profile. "Nowadays, there are more plump guides and there is room for more," says Cabito, who knew and had the courage to know in time, that he should not operate.

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