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Karina: "I talked about my daughter talking about pedophilia as the boys who spoke about 11-year-olds"

"I was in the shoes, I'm ready", be honest Little princess karina when you receive it teleshow The house that is rented in the lake of Carlos Paz in San Roke, on the shoe that is ready for the production of photography. Because the singer is the first time for theatrical season and, therefore, he admits that he is still adapting to "theater world".

Meanwhile She walks away from her house, the song is heard under breath. "It's fun to work on this I do, but I love my free time, I have a karaoke group, and I like that melody," he says. Queen, her daughter bitch Sun. "It's eight months in Pomerania" Siddharta, show Flavio Mendoza, next to Facu Mazzei, Mirta Wons and humorous Skinny Pailos.

It is quiet and quiet; she clarifies that she is very shy and embarrassed. That's why Karina did not give much notice. He does not want to talk about that. "I still do not understand how to get acquainted with my favorite things.", confesses in an intimate interview of this portal, where he speaks of love, the challenge of becoming an actively active career, and even speaking with his 11-year-old daughter, pedophilia.

– To convince Flavio will be very hard to accept Siddharta?

-I did not think so much before calling me, I thought I would have happened to them. I do not know why, but I wanted to make a proposal to do something from a group of my work team this year (2018).

-You are a fan. Would you be wrong if you wanted an actor?

What did I see? To what extent I was in the pursuit of everyday activities. After three months, I took the proposal of a Flavio theater and I want to accept something I always feel, and the song moved to me, I said two days later. And suddenly I stopped here.

-But, when you proposed a Villa Carlos Paz season, would you be a little quicker or more challenging?

-I did not know what the theater is. The first one is located in Buenos Aires, followed by Mar del Plata or Villa Carlos Paz. After that, a month before, when I came here, I was more suspicious when I used the more summer. We want to work hard because we have a lot of shows.

– And what did you say?

-I have not already said about other shows and I asked him a year ago. I found out that it came from economically. And at the same time, it was one of the reasons that I accepted this year Think first for me and not everything else.

-What do you mean "everything else"?

-I thought about it what makes me good and happy, and not financially. Someone thinks: in my band, my musicians, in my family, many of whom I help, in my house … I thought and the only condition What I did to make the season, but to make my shows, my team continued to work. And I'm doing it.

– When work proposals are generated, do you advise or only decide on someone?

– Hello. I have not asked for suggestions. I do not want anyone to consult. I think to make decisions, what better than me? For a mistake, I would feel something I felt from my heart and I would not regret it.

– Who came with Villa Carlos Paz?

-I am not my daughter Sol, 11 years old, my little sister is 13, and my mother constantly comes and goes. Also, my vacation holiday friends visit me and come a few days.

-On the days of the day, a figure appeared when a man is on the wheel of your truck, looking for your daughter at the theater's departure. Are you in a couple?

I'm just a friend. I have had Many people who drive my truck and they caught him. I do not want a couple because I do not want to. For a long time I was a girlfriend, and it's good to be a moment of work and calm. I do not like it

"There are proposals, but I'm fine. I'll see it by the end of the season.

– Will you love me?

– I do a lot of turns. He has not come from my eyes And it's not easy, though he spoke twice. I want to know a person, talk a few times, I see if I get it, if I am amused.

-Your 30th is your birthday. How will you celebrate it?

-I do not know. I never celebrate. It does not matter if something is done or not. I'm a little bored. Flavius ​​invited me, assuming he was doing something. I do not want to go at night, and I always do it. Likewise, I prefer to make things in my house to be my daughter, because they are healthy things that I am doing with my friends.

– You started in June SiddhartaSo far you feel more comfortable on stage?

-I continue doing classes of different types of dance, apart from singing. Especially, with the same steps, I practice all the time it costs me a lot. I feel that I was better and I left it a little. My problem is serious. I'm half shy

-Do you know that your stuff is not much to talk about.

– I'm very introverted. Privacy too. I do not say anything to anyone; I tell my friends and nothing short. I solve a lot. I confess to myself to talk about myself, because I understand why I am caring for my things.

-What are you in google, or check what you said about social networks?

-No. I do not care if you are saying something. Suddenly, when I see all things, I laugh, but I'm not looking for it. Each one gets his safety. I do not mind the opinion of others; I will not change with another one.

– You are sure of yourself.

– In some areas I am very confident. In my work, for example. On the contrary, my life is not so much. For some reason I have not wanted to be a girlfriend. The fear of others' opinion. I did not do it well and I prefer to stay alone. In my work elsewhere I have no security.

– Do you have difficulties in managing the exhibition?

– A picture taken from my friend, for example, is not worrying or causing discomfort. It's fun. We try to laugh at my friends, as well as shy, and as I do not say about my private life, I do not know. therefore, I do not know if he's a boy or he's complicated that image. I do not expect it.

-What do you care about?

-It's more contentious, and sometimes I give explanations, I know, what was to be discussed to me. And if I do not, I say that I do not respect it completely, I do not feel comfortable, and the subject is no longer spoken.

-But you're using it.

– He has given several steps to get this person. At first I suffered a lot and I was not used until I was driving. And I'm still learning. It is a game that I understand and it depends a lot on the attitude of each one. also Not talking does not say anything. It's good to defend you a limit must be respected.

-What do you want to explain to your daughter when they are not completely true?

-But at a young age, things are very clear. That's why it's very easy to speak. I spend less than myself. Of course, because he sees things, he has 60 thousand followers in the network, and few follow them for me or his father (singing cumbia Polish), but because it does tutorials: it's really fun to be youtuber and that … It's true to talk about it. It's good to know about communication and what is true and what it is.

– Do you keep track of your Instagram account to see what you are talking to or receiving?

-But, I did not want a mobile phone, but they gave it to Christmas and they all have that age. and If you do not leave, that is, good things are left behind and it's not good. So I said I could have an Instagram, but I also have your account on my phone. Previously, we had a discussion, we talked about harassment through pedophilia networks.

-Do you not find or worry about something you did not like?

-I have detected many people who are guessing -11 years old if they do not. He wrote to him, but I blocked them. Similarly, the message does not respond, and if I do, I see the answers. You have to be careful. And one realizes less. Everything knows that I will have your account on my phone and I will look at what risks you understand.

-I am sorry you've blocked some contacts. How was that word?

-We have seen each other together I explained why a pedophile was possible. I realized they had told me at age 11, but not the least boy to speak. Besides, The same contact told me that he was 45 years old and that my sister was 15 years old. I sat down both, I showed them messages and deleted them. Find out how many more girls are writingbecause they are still a thousand people. There are many cases of these incidents and good things to tell guys. Especially before going out at night.

– What's your year?

– Until March, we are here with Villa Carlos Paz with Siddharta and then confirmed the dates of the shows. I have also made proposals for acting on television and theater.

-What do you want more?

-Television I do not know, I missed a couple of proposals because I did not propose it and I do not feel it until now, but I like the challenges and new things, I see. At the theater, I offered a child and something similar to what I now do.

-And they call you Dancing?

– When Flavio danced when I sang at the rhythm of the record, Marcelo Tinelli They remembered the camera, they always offered me, because they call reality a little, although he did it personally once. But as I am, I do not want to. They worried about it beforehand, and what can I do if I do not speak? I also feel sorry. That's why I did not accept it. I have nothing against the program, though I do not feel for myself.

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