Saturday , January 23 2021

Kate Middleton did not invite Meghan Markle to his birthday: the relationship between Duchess continues to deteriorate

The relationship between Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex is still deteriorating. At least that is speculated by the English press Meghan Markle I was not invited to her birthday party. Kate Middleton She celebrated with her closest friends.

The Cambridge Princess celebrated her birthday last Sunday at the restaurant for lunch NorfolkHe was his closest friend.

And, even though a large house, with 10 rooms and a mansion with many amenities, Harry and Meghan did not go to the party.

Over the years, The family members of the Royal Family have said that Kat does not have much or no friend. However, he does not close the ally who remains loyal to him. These allies participated, according to Daily Mail.

It is one of them Emilia Jardine-PatersonJorge's grandfather's grandfather and former Kate associate at the university hockey team. The Duchess of Cambridge was a short distribution of William in 2007, Emilia invited her to reach the Mediterranean lighthouse Ibiza.

Emila's boyfriend, David, was also a party. Duquesa's birthday also attended Laura Meade, The origin of Princess Chrlotte and the king of Norfolk.

Laura also helped him in the short distribution of Kate William. William and Kate met with other friends together Sophie Carter and his wife Robert.

The Duchess Sussex "has changed a lot" Prince Harry and is totally in love with her, revealed Lady Colin Campbell A new documentary about rumors of the murder of Meghan and Duchess of Cambridge.

Meghan and Kate are a lot about fiction, but the nature of these rumors is a backdrop and scandal that arises around two years later.

Now the real experts have been able to decipher what King Sussex Duchess has to do with her conquering, many of the king's employees and Isabel II.

"Kultur shock"It has been the main factor behind the tension behind the doors of the palace, while Meghan's views on women's life, Buckingham advisors believe that the royal family does not do something like someone who does not look for Statistically Look at someone.

"The hardest part of the royal family is to work with Meghan's intentions, and they are real"He added a source close to the family." It will be sensible if they say, "You can not do it or you can not say it," he added.

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