Wednesday , May 18 2022

Kate Middleton was a jealous ex-girlfriend of Prince William


Prince William's former girlfriend is Carly Massy-Birch. He made a prince joke, but he did not fall into Kate Middleton.

Before getting married in 2011 Kate Middletonthe prince William He had love relationships, like any person. But the ex-girlfriend of a young girl waved his wife jealous, but the former girlfriend, especially the wife's jealousy, made her go through an uncomfortable moment.

When Kate and William completed studies at the University of San Andres, he lived in a conflict that had lasted one night in 2002.

Writer Katie NichollsHe told a Royal Romance, according to his book, a story that describes the moment Kate and William "Never Never" played a member of a "friend" group where Carly Massy-Birch, ex-girlfriend William.

That's it Massy It was one of the few people I knew Kate and William They were secretive, and when he was playing, he said: "I've never ever dated two people from this place", knowing that William He was the only one who was dated to Kate.

In that moment William He looked at him and whispered Carly: "I can not believe that you said". It's not clear how Kate Middleton reacted, but he probably did not like the game WilliamHe was very close to the prince.

Prince William realized with Kate Middleton that he was feeling unfeasible with his outfit

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