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Kimey was "defended" against abduction and sexual abuse

Horacio Soto, at the age of 38, was imprisoned with the crime of "abduction and sexual abuse", Kimey, who had been kidnapped by his 3-year-old boy on his house. This was the "defense".

They arrested men arrested and kidnapped Kimey Dominic Ferreyra De Moraiz, a San Francisco Solano, has been named a three-year-old boy who has disappeared from his home, has now demonstrated that he has refused to investigate the abuse of child sexual abuse.

When the appearance of Kimey appeared, the accused was identified by the man, when Horacio Soto, at the age of 38, was arrested and transferred to Quilmes UFI, the prosecutor Ariel Rivas, who was not known this morning, and the incidents of Rosanna Meyer UFI 8 in specialized sex.

According to legal sources, Attorney Rivas received a preliminary medical report from Kimey and found an injury that could be compatible with sexual abuse, which changed the office of the prosecutor's office.

Now, the court will investigate for the new degree of criminology, as a result of a lawsuit last night, and will have legal advice from the official defender of Quilmes.

Family Kimey On Wednesday he lost a trace of boy at 6:30 p.m. He was in charge at age 16.

Giuliana Viviana Coronel, the mother of Kimey, said she had been left responsible for her friend when she went to the gym to visit a friend, but when she was there, the child she was taking care of sent a message to play Playstation Disappear.

Almost 24 hours later, he was arrested in a house located in Soto Donato Álvarez and 821, in the San Francisco Solano neighborhood of Buenos Aires, where he lived and was arrested by Kimey.

The police found Kimey Thanks to a call from a neighbor, 911, he acknowledged the issues he had sent and said where he lived.

According to the residents of neighboring neighborhood, the detainee is Paraguayan nationality and has been locked in the room.

The Ministry of Security of Buenos Aires stressed that "they were accused of April 4, April 4, that they were concerned about drunkenness and public order, with the intervention of Almirante Brown Court of Peace."

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