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Kirchner has said that "it can not be a military caliper for the company," but "attacking the mass media that wants to lead us to morality and ethics" – 2013/12/17


"It is not possible for the military members of the political unions and institutions to be calm". In La Plata, Máximo Kirchner silenced the allegations of harassment that causes La Cámpora leader. However, he told the media: "We do not market women, it leads us to morality and ethics."

Without a direct reference, while the decision that dismisses the resignation of "Loco" Romero from the Senate will be awaited, the national deputy said that women who are "must have all the necessary protections."

The Citizen Union of La Plata, when it was launched by Ateneo Néstor Kirchner, Maximo was the speaker's end and Mauricio Macri and criticized the media, he mentioned the situation that arose in connection with harassment.

"The political, social, cultural and trade union organizations must be at the forefront of demands as a collective of women," he said. But the media was attacked by "attempts to run organizations that need response to opportunism and speculation, demands for collective women."

"We can not look at other ways, organizations that militate and put an example, because we know what we are attacking, because it is the only one able to cope," he added.

Next to the Saintout of Florence, head of the ports of the FpV deputy port and the mayor of La Plata, Máximo Compared to the "crazy" situation of some militants and he also added criticism of the media.

"We will face the front of the organization (request)," the media said: "It will not be that those who market the woman will come to us with rigid morality and ethics".

It's not in the last days Complaints against La Campora leaders. The one of the kingdom denounced the senator by Jorge "Loco" senator Romero by Stephanie Cano abuse She wanted to take oral sex and three other men.

In addition, on Monday, they learned that alleged allegations were led by La Pampa Nicolás Roó Campora Break of under 17 He left the group and under the leadership of the House of the House of the Chamber.

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