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Konami are finally invented by the players "International Superstar Soccer".

One of the most memorable games of the classic Super nintendo da International Superstar Soccer (ISS), this type of title has been marked by an impeccable video game, before and after, football, mechanics and realism in the mid-1990s.

But for several hours, it also controls them SNES In front of the screen in school with a friend at school, there is another reason for another generation unforgettable. Famous footballers based on true realities.

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Many who tried Guess which player is your version Some physical footprint of the ISS system, such as hair or statistics.

And since it was a mystery that has been for many years, it has remained a reference in nostalgia gamer, Konami Brasil He decided to end the misery and invited them to become a source of inspiration

Diego Maradona, Luis Figo, Alessandro del Piero, Romario, Gabriel Batistuta and Paolo Maldini, some of the other names in the game were "disguised".

One of the most amazing is happening Allejo, because statistics became one of the most feared opponents, so it was always speculated PeleSince it was the best. However, Konami always stated that Bebeto was.

In French, he became a mythical character in some editions Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) was introduced as a downloadable character.

In particular, the 1994 Brazilian World Cup Brazilian champion champion He spoke and thanked him for the gesture.

"It's nice to know, after so much time, I inspired Konami to create AllejoOne of the most iconic videogames. Thank you for the tribute. Thank you! "He wrote his Twitter account.

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