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Konamik International Superstar Soccer was nominated for fictional stars

Who are we playing? International Superstar Soccer classic Super nintendo We always remember those players, without being authentic Later, like titles, they won many victories with plays.

Konami Brasil It's now revealed real inspirations some with you fiction stars, among others, legends Maradona, Figo, Del Piero, Romario and Maldini, to name a few.

This is the most exciting illusion Bebeto, on which mythical Allejo. This character started He said that the legend of the city was better than Pele, even if they really do not exist.

It brought about this situation Konami That's how I'll get it downloadable character in future editions Pro Evolution Soccer.

Fusing this phenomenon, a false documentary was released in 2012 Eternal Alegre, no supposedly the player was real, but no one has ever noticed his existence.

Bebeto He thanked Twitter for creating a flagship character such as:

"It's very nice to know, after so much time, I inspired Konami to create one of the most iconic video game characters Allejo. Thank you for the tribute. Thank you!"

Although there are just some confirmed by the company, there are the most legendary sports legend. The Colombian case is the clearest one Murillo, clearly based on Carlos "El Pibe" Valderrama.

If you want to remember, we invite you to read our article, when we recall the classic International Superstar Soccer Deluxe.

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