Sunday , May 16 2021

Kourtney Kardashian continues to suffer his ex, Scott Disick

Tensions between Kourtney Kardashianyour ex Scott Disick and today's partners, Sofia Richie, seem to have overcome. In December, he took a vacation vacation with the children of the old couples, because the guard that kept both women dropped. However, according to recent press releases specialized in celebrities, three mothers are once again suffering from Scott's commitment to commemorating all 20 years of age.

Over 35-year-old businessmen reviewed the section of the company's rings at Calabasas in luxury Polacheck's jewelery restaurants, and eventually named Kourt. "Kourtney Scott Sofa is afraid of the idea he proposes. Become closer KourtneyDuring the Sofa and Scott festivities, Kourtney tells more about what Scott feels passionate about, and that a proposal may be in the corner, the oldest of the Kardashian clan to reach near Hollywood Live.

Even though the informant says Kourt It's good to see healthy and stable relationships and be happy to feel happy that you always lose your mind. In my heart, I have always thought that having Scott has more children or one day they could be together. At that time, Kourtney wanted to be his fourth child, along with Mason, 8, Penlope, king of 6 to 3 years. In addition to maintaining Kardashians, he had broken fractures in another expectation of pregnancy.

"However, Kourtney You know how unpredictable and romantic can be Scott, so it's a surprising surprise when it promises to be Sofa or something worse. Suddenly, Kourtney escapes with traumatizing, "the source said. The couple lasted for more than a year, finally recognizing their father's relationship with the father, and it was not easy to respect the clan that closes most commonly used by the young model. and win approval.

Also Sofa Scott helps New Year's Great Kar-Jenner to escape Aspen. The Kourtney family carpeted the Sofa rugs as she really liked and waited for her approval of her three friends to welcome the well-known clan.

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