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Kranevitter: "Gallardo, if I need it, has my phone"

Matías Kranevitter Monumental Corridors was one of the first to be nominated for the 2019 team. The midfielder who leaves the river today is the Russian Zenit, but needs the following guidelines for the next year: In Copa América with the Argentine National Team.

"It's the main thing I have considered in the Copa América 2019. I did not think about the team I was not playing … I know, if a club interests me, I think it's my future. As I said: Brazil will be the main one. I understand that this may be, I feel and I love it. I'm very pleased to make an excellent season this year and fight for a place. The gameplay would be the most logical "In the interview with Diario Olé.

And about a possible return to the river, he said: "Gallardo has been in the club for a long time, I have a good relationship, I spoke after the Libertadores. I know if I have a need, that will be and we will have a male interview, I know how attached.or I know where I was going to touch. It may be tomorrow or five or six years … One of my dreams will come back: I was born … I love returning to the public, it gave me great love, because I was comfortable because I was in my country. But I do not know when to return. "


She added: "I was communicating with the association they told me they were getting to know … If Marcelo asks me or Rodolfo, if they have my phone, I would talk to them and they would know the press, but that's not the case, my family"

In Tucumán, in his hometown he waits for his son's birth: "It is important that Thomas was born well, and then I will think what will happen, on 12/1, I will go to St. Petersburg to face Zenit, when I'm in Qatar, I am now in my mind".

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