Monday , September 26 2022

"La Voz Argentina": A participant questioned by Axel was chosen to continue the people in the competition


(Video La Voz Argentina – Telefe)

Yesterday, Axel was in the middle of the scene He suggested more about singing with Spain.

However, The singer's advice did not make a public vote because Isabel Aladro was not happy to be the first Tini team member. guaranteeing its continuity in the competition, with more than 34% of votes.

"I can not believe, thank you, we are a lot in Rojas, but I did not think so. There are many people and I want to thank all. We are very pleased to continue with this stage, Tini, who has worshiped you, and everyone, thank you very much for what we live, "thanked the participant.

After that, it was an announcement of the second classified, which was another lady of the group, Juliana Galipoliti, 33.13% of the votes of the public.

Meanwhile, the final decision fell to the young Colombian Juan Pablo NievesHe won 50 and 50 percent of the votes.

"Thanks to my heart, I thanked the people who received me from the beginning. For me, I am very much in Argentina when I share this showI am very happy and I am pleased that this is what I do for you and I am happy to receive your home, "said the participant.

"Pleased to go through this program, everyone thanked me for helping and I learned a lot. Thanks to all of Argentina and your gratitude, really, "he said farewell augustine, deleted participant.

"I'm glad to all of them, and I'm glad AgusKnowing the first one, has given us your talent. He is very young and still has no survival and incredible career. You're talented and I know you've always believed and trusted until the last moment, because we've been blessed. And at this moment it makes me very sad, but I know they get the incredible experience they live here, "he said. Tini.

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