Monday , June 5 2023

La Voz Argentina: He sang Cordero with Montaner, but "stole" Soledad


The announcement of the finalists of the event is getting closer Argentinian voice. For the moment, the knockouts that have been presented with luxury presentations continue. Yesterday, Lucas clarified the loudspeaker that Ricardo Montaner gave to his singing pleasure.

Lucas faced Pedro, Axel's other members and decided to make the song Kiss of Montaner. Pedro, on the other hand, chose And there was someone Marc Anthony. They offered two great shows, and Axel decided to save one of them.

Without much regret, the coach chose Pedro to continue the program: "I think Pedro has found some development and nuances, and Lucas is very clear, a personal voice, a sore throat, they have a beautiful and beautiful heart," explains Axel.

After the elections, the remaining coaches were determined to "steal" Lucas. Soledad Pastorutti, therefore, continues in the Lucas program in another group.

Marley's second exciting moment asked Montan what he thought of Lucas, and the coach gave a deep conversation to the participant. While in the future he was a singer, Lucas admitted: "Bolero is a lover and when he sang this very song, I was very grateful".

Montaner made an unforgettable return from there: "What I mean told me that I was moving a lot and while I was listening. Especially in the final part, modulating and doing things with your very original voice, it made me far away from what I did , and it's better than singing that song I wanted to congratulate you. "

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