Friday , March 31 2023

La Voz Argentina: Tini Stoessel has passed the final shot by Juan Pablo Nieves


The young Venezuelan was "stolen" after the singer Ricardo Montaner Choose your opponent knockouts.

Tini Stoessel has regained Juan Pablo Nieves at La Voz Argentinian in the playoffs

As if it were a cup of the world La Voz Argentina Knockouts's stage was his musical struggle Juan Pablo NievesA Venezuelan youth, and Irvin EscobarA Colombian born singer, two members of the group Ricardo Montaner. But the final result was not to leave the show!

When choosing the duel's winner, Montaner went to Irvin to go to the next level and, as usual, other competitors began to say goodbye. With his confidence, the Venezuelan executed rigorous appearances and left the studio Tini Stoessel He turned his fate around and ended his "robbery" for his team.

"How should I go?" The singer started up with her boyfriend in a hug. "I was directly at home, I'm very glad I missed the whiskey!", Juan Pablo said with humor.

Group from Montaner to Tini team! It's a surprise Juan Pablo Nieves in Argentine Voice

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