Sunday , January 17 2021

Lapidario: "We played them even in La Luna"

"We played them in La Luna," sentencing Rodolfo D'Onofrio, during a press conference held at Mar del Plata at times when River he was preparing to play the semifinal for the Copa Argentina. In this way, the President of the Millionaire sends a clear message to his Boca couple and asever: "At this point, I can not believe that Daniel (Angelici) I have not had the respect towards the Conmebol and towards me, when we signed a paper to delay the game for 24 hours. "

While the future of Copa Libertadores de Amrica continues in the nebula and there are no details on the defining match between River Plate and Boca Juniors, after the incidents that occurred in El Monumental, the Millionaire and the Xeneize took different positions, that is why The head of the "band" hardly shows his discomfort.

"I am traveling everywhere trying to put some logic, a bit of rationality to all this. Yesterday I went to Asuncin convened by the president of the Conmebol, where we were with Daniel Angelici, Claudio Tapia and the president of the Paraguayan commission Alejandro Domnguez ask us something very logical, that we try to avoid violence, that the game is a game. Everything that I come to say during the last three weeks. Finish this is a war. No, what are the people who He did what he did not do, it's weird, "he stressed.

While pointing against the president of Boca and sentencing: "At this point, I can not believe that Daniel (Angelici) has not had respect towards Conmebol and towards me when we signed a paper to postpone a match 24 hours later. That night, I was asking for the points to win the Cup. It was a good thing. If the players were not in a position, River wanted to find a da to play. There are some things left. "

"If the president of Boca is watching me, I tell him to end this. Stop showing candlesticks. Come play. You gave me the word, do not pay attention to those who are saying you have to do this. You have a word You do not continue to generate pages of lawyers that do not work. You have to have values ​​in life. Just the shame of the role. The world is watching us. I feel immense pain. Let's reach an agreement as soon as possible. Let's show it to the world. that we are lágicos ", D'Onofrio's argument.

Finally, the president of River highlighted: "There was a survey in which more than 55% of the City of Buenos Aires says that it is played and even many fans of Boca ask that it be played. Let's show the world that a few do not They can overcome. The millions that we have spent demonstrating to the world that we can not beat a few "and concluded:" We have to have values ​​in life. I do not speak even as a fan of River but as a citizen of the country. " Even, being consulted for the possible headquarters in Doha, Qatar, sentenced: "We played them even in La Luna."

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