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Last modified, the Government seeks to unify the Defense tasks with Canada

Speed ​​of departure and decree Horacio Chighizola The Ministry of Defense and the Secretary of Military Strategy do not close a substitute Marcos Peña how is it? Paola Di Chiaro It's a lot more than a change in names and positions. Since Mauricio Macrik and his team have been thinking of the power to achieve power, an ambitious government strategy is to unify diplomatic coordination for defense policies.

The government called Chi Chiaro to replace Chichizola instead of creating a bad state of the defense minister Oscar Aguad for a simple reason: the Cabinet General and Fulvio Pompeo, a trustee officer of the Secretary of Political Affairs Secretary, who has land in his office. But above that anecdote, that's it The new power regime that has already started the Casa Rosada has started working with the armed forces and forward-looking police officers in the future.

"They are not a functional unit to form a merger, but rather a unit The coordination of defense and diplomacy will be co-ordinated"He had the graphics ahead Infobae In the end, senior government officials work on the subject. That is to say, those who represent a magnificent power structure and that are mistaken under the Canaries and Defense.

Pompeia could be in practice in the coordination of Peña's work. Strictly speaking, Secretary of Strategic Affairs is already preparing A large group of academics and experts with military and diplomatic education.

When Macri introduced the new decree he signed last year in January "Defense Policy Directive" This mix of diplomacy and defense provided some of the statements that would have an impact on practice, such as those in countries such as Brazil or Colombia.

In the annex to page 27 of the Documentation, the deep reform of the Macran armed forces envisages three main chapters that set out guidelines for changes in the military sector merged with foreign policy:

1-South Atlantic. The Government intends to strengthen all military patrols in the South Atlantic in 2019 Greater attention to Antarctica's scientific work. To this end, Jorge Faurie and Aguad Chancellors began working in a coordinated and secretive manner in the United Kingdom, Russia, United States, and the South Atlantic of Brazil, in Great Britain, Russia, the United States and Brazil. The British negotiations are to work together to preserve the marine environment and to define new environmental care areas for scientific work.

"The diplomatic exchange with Brazil was also one of the common tasks of defense training and common patrols to carry out patrols. Di Chiaro and Pompeo's role will be a fundamental step forward for Peña and Macri on a straight-line basis, as well as urgent or long-term plans," he said. Infobae an official government Rosada House, South Atlantic has become a strategic space for ocean development in the future position of Antarctica. For this reason, the distribution of Casa Rosada Antarctic campaigns is greater in coordination with the scientific tasks of other countries.

2-North boundaries. The Plan for the Modernization of the Armed Forces is to be reinforced to the north, to provide logistical support for security forces in the fight against drug trafficking and terrorism. But it is much more than the movement of soldiers to the limits of the interior, to protect the tasks of the Gendarmerie or Prefecture.

The government convinces that drug trafficking and terrorism must be coordinated with the United States, Israel or Brazil. The importance of international contribution to hot spots in the North, such as the Triple Frontier, is essential for drug traffickers and extreme harassment strategies, such as Hezbollah. Among other issues, the government is currently debating the reformulation of the anti-terrorist law to counter terrorists against Hezbollah and ISIS, which are not in current Argentine case law. At present, the law only restricts to the UN mandate. He persecutes groups like Al-Qaeda. This debate is also based on the strategy and the new diplomatic defense that the governments impose. To do this, we had a lot of advice from European countries and the United States.

3-Cyberdefence. Another central axis of the renewal plan was launched last year, to buy more than $ 5 million in defense of cyber-defense software. To develop the cybernetic protection system, Argentina has distributed cybercrime and cyber-security issues. But we also think of unifying the roles of Brazil or the United States. In it, the military sector also has a great insight on these issues.

Chapter "Strategic positioning for Argentina Defense" According to the decree of the Government last year, "the national defense system must play a crucial role in maintaining this sovereign interest, in accordance with the strategic guidelines of the foreign policy of Argentina, especially international cooperation." It establishes certain risks, such as the competitive rivalry of strategic resources, external attack of strategic objectives and the use of military cyberspace.

At the same time, he emphasized that "sophisticated cyber threats come from military organizations and intelligence agencies from other organizations," and therefore, it is necessary to face this problem from the national defense point, "he said, protecting measures and actions, the cybernetic security of the critical National Defense System Protecting and preserving their conservation, regardless of the origin of the attack. "

Thus, following the "challenges" posed by the Armed Forces, the Government argued that the Argentine military should deal with it "Impact of transnational crime". In other words, "the trends identified in global and regional scenarios show that the security of South American states is more focused on transnational phenomena." Drug trafficking, piracy, the dissolution of the criminal network related to traffic and smuggling, among other illegal activities, is a priority challenge for regional security strategies. "

In the study of global defense, the Government stated that "the redistribution of global power can create conflicts in different regions around the world, stability is guaranteed by a delicate balanced power of powers". South and Eastern Seas are a scenario with no strategic competition in China, East Europe and the Middle East, with the main danger being that there is a greater prevention of States and the power to attract conflict resolution. "

Similarly, the document annexed to the analysis of the regional military reform plan The crisis that goes through Venezuela stands out Maduro's government continues "strengthening its authoritarian regime, which systematically violates the fundamental freedoms and citizens' rights of citizens." Maduro is the main issue in the current situation of the regime, where diplomacy and Argentine defense are very responsible.

For this, the Ministry of Defense's name change plan exceeds a more complex power scheme The global project is much more ambitious.

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