Sunday , January 23 2022

Last "weekend" Chinese vaccine against cordovan and rubana in Cordoba


The reinforcement of the three vaccination campaigns will end on Friday, November 30. For this reason, this weekend, finally, the smallest house is to be scattered on Saturday and Sunday at Argüello BTI; Pediatric Hospital and Müller district.

The vaccine is free, it is necessary to document and vaccinate. The campaign has our goals to eliminate mosquitoes and rubles in our country.

When it is vaccinated, it is not the only person that receives this dose, but when most of the population is immunized, the viruses are less circulated; For this reason, for health reasons, babies can not be protected, one-year-old or immunosuppressive people.

Here's the "calendar of the weekend" vaccine and place.

  • Playón Deportivo, from IPV Argüello neighborhood. Saturday, November 24, from 10:00 am to 13:00 pm They will be raffled among those who do great doses in that place.
  • Pediatric Hospital (Castro Barros 650). Saturday 24, from 18 to 22 and Sunday 25 to 11 to 15.
  • In the square of Chiclana in Pedernera Square, in the neighborhood of Müller. 17 to 19.

Other authorized spaces

All Provincial vaccinations, on regular days and schedules, Friday, until November 30. Among these, it is appropriate that the immunization of Epidemiology be open at the Hospital of San Roque Hospital from Saturday to Saturday from 8 to 17.

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