Sunday , January 17 2021

Last year, 30 million Argentineos flew, a figure registered in the local air market

29.1 million passengers, a 2018 year record for the aeronautics sectorThe Minister of Transport pointed out this afternoon Guillermo Dietrich. This figure represents an increase of 6.1% in the previous year and, as the first argument, the official has denied that the data was just a deviation product, because many travelers were forced out of the country.

Treasury, production and transportation portfolios in a shared meeting room in the building, Dietrich took management value in front of a group of journalists. Infobae. "Since 1999, there were no more cabotage than the 2018 international flights, and there were four measures of devaluation in the center, measures that were made in greater measure," he said, recognizing that "the reality would be an improvement in the economy [por la evolución en cantidad de pasajeros] I grew up a lot. "

Before a presentation, before a question about refunds made by the former Secretary of Energy Javier Iguacel He relayed the versions of the Public Administration, the Carrier's owner circulating in the last hours. "We talk about possible practices for Javier Government He takes a little bit and regains three-year management in difficult places. The government and Cambiemos are very welcome, "said the minister.

According to transport data, the closure of 2018 has marked "one of the best aeronautics of recent years". The rough way outlines the main points: 14.9 million passengers were added to foreign flights over 14.2 million national flights, when two new companies debuted, the minimum tariff was eliminated and the low cost El Palomar airport was opened..

The last point was that the minister highlighted a success story, 20% of the 625,000 passengers traveling to O Palomar in February, when traveling for the first time. In addition, 41% of these users came to the public transport terminalCalculation calculated by Government is much higher. For this reason, they have said, there are plans that the extension and take-off of roads is inactive.

Flybondi and Norwegian low cost tickets to cabotage flights will be a new player in March 2018 in Chile: Jetsmart in Chile. With this latest participant, the Argentinian air market will compete with 7 passengers, and Dietrich emphasizes that it is positive because consumers get better prices than before, while the government maintains the growth of passenger Cabotaje 10% between 2017 and 2018.

According to the projection of the transport, there will be more passengers who will fly abroad in the coming years: about 17.3 million, about 15.3 million. The last time there was a similar mix, although it had the same number of passengers in these two categories, it was in 2000.

Aerolíneas Argentinas grow

With regard to Aerolineas Argentinas, the minister believes that the development of aeronautics unions is more "more politicized than". "Unfortunately, his police are only harming airline companies, But between 2015 and 2018 we grew much more than 28% for cabotage passengers"He told Dietrich.

"The company has received 8 new plans, 20 routes, and in August there is a record of punctuality," said the official.

Thanks to the zero subsidy of the airline's flag, some time has been delayed, it anticipates transport progress and highlights the weight it causes. According to official data, a $ 53 USD subsidy was granted with 15 USD for 2015, and it fell by 72% in three years.

The number of passengers expected to reach 32.6 million in 2019, an increase of 12% and a new historical record for 2019. Dietrich talked about the revolution of the "started" airliner.

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