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Laura Esquivel will play Claudia Villafañe: he will be respectful

Diego Armando Maradona Another celebrity will have his biopic, which will show the life of former football stars. Of course, Claudia Villafañe, the first wife tenThe life of the protagonist is very important. But there is a problem, mother Dalma and Gianinna He disagrees with fiction counterweight and will act through legal channels through legal channels.

"I do not accept the book because I do not know it and I do not know how they are being treated." The actors have nothing to do with it ", "Participate" is explained. "I want to tell you a story, I do not know if that has happened. Then I prefer not to find information in a place where you are looking, Claudia, it is not or not. I do not accept it, I can not say things that are not true"he said.

In the midst of this scandal, Laura Esquivel, Will play "La Claudia" in his youth, which will be the interpretation of his series: "Happy life, I asked a few months ago. I like to work there, I think it's great, it will be a lot of respect, of course, the performing girl, there is no reference to Claudia."

"If I wanted to meet Claudia, it would be good, I hope that this opportunity is always respected, to make the best research possible and not to fail." he ended the actress

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