Wednesday , September 28 2022

Laurita Fernandez has a "spy", who is in recordings such as Nicolás Cabré and Flor Vigna


Laurita Fernández says "in his opinion" his boyfriend, Nicolás Cabré, when he tells you how much he bothered him so much Vigna flower, denying everything. We talked about the scandal that we face on Friday ShowMatchafter the damn photo.

Known as: Vigna shared in networks, My brother's fiction image is a clone, where he appeared as a bass star. Laurita, with her girlfriend, summoned her to get the picture and told them that she had complained much more than she said.

At the time of public criticism, the jury Dance of 2018 Vigna entered the Cabré car, took her home and embroidered her ornament. The actor denies everything and shelters "throw away" Laurita demands explanations, but according to the actor, she arrives and surpasses.

What does Nico Cabré say? They only know, but the fact is that the actor is far from far away from the other team members, they do not disappoint, they record, they go along with Vigna and they give a different version.

But inside, it would be a "mole". Laurita Fernandez tells her spy every day and follows Flor Vigna Do not be closer to your boyfriend. Now there would not be much to say. Double champion Dancing and the actor is not talking about recordings My brother is a clone, the scenes do not eat together and record them, with little contact. There is no return among them.

Will Laurita admits he has admitted that he spies a spy spitting across Polka ka's data. But, in fact, in jealousy, insults, friends and fans in the parallel television scene did not end.

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