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Laurita Fernández showed her curves and talked about sex, success and jealousy

Laurita Fernández She is one of the women of the moment after the success and the talent that she unfolds in Sugar and his passionate engagement with the actor Nicolás Cabré, with whom he would like to train a family.

Interviewed by People magazine this week, the blonde left some definitions to highlight.

Success: "I am in a wonderful moment, but I do not look around. It's not for dodging the question. I'm only aware that it is today. Maybe tomorrow. I'm going to work for it to be. I want them to continue choosing me, but I do not assume that he is successful. And the problem is the other if it bothers me that I am doing well. "

The Sex: "In the privacy I am free. I do not have modesty, nor mambo. I always lived it naturally. But for the conquest I am a classic. I like that man advances. I'm afraid I'm thrown into the pool. When I know that everything is fine, I like to be seduced. I speak with Nico. I do not want to stagnate and take the routine. For both intimacy and dialogue. Because ours is long term. "

The Jealousy: "I would be shocked to be with someone very guardabous, cared for or insecure. It's normal, know the medium and watch out." Save with this one, he tells me around. And we both understand that in addition to the respect of any couple, we have to take care of ourselves of not giving rise to certain situations. Maybe he was jealous at another stage. But I did not get to deepen. I'm not jealous … I was always more relaxed. I really think it's very special what happens to me As well as what happens to me with me. I am against Nico's trust. I have no doubts or insecurities. I am not going to play back. It is the most honest and most personal person I've ever met in my life. I do not have rolls, it's simple, that's what I like about it. I came with some problems to know if I was going to be able to re-trust … With Nico it does not happen to me. I know it respects me. I feel cared for in every way. "

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