Friday , February 3 2023

Laurita Fernandez sticks to Florina to not dance to the dance: "We came to the last day with Fed"


The jury shot the actress My brother is a clone, without the commitment of the program Marcelo Tinelli.

Laurita Fernandez stick to Flor Vigna to not go to the dance floor

There is no rest. "Reprimand" from Marcelo Tinelli to Vigna flower, The dancer did not participate, as he was the champion of the competition, he gave it Laurita Fernández As he makes his brother's role stick, he is a clone, and he published a picture of a romantic scene with which he had a very close relationship with his boyfriend, Nicolás Cabré

"The girl, I do not want to name her, the invisible champion that is visible in this competition, will come," asked the driver. Mery del CerroThe actor came to replace Vigna. But who responded to his partner Facu Mazzei: "The champions did not always come."

"(With Fede) we arrived at least the last day, three years," said Laurita.

An irrevocable situation, Tinelli added: "He always came and took part all year round.. Pedro (Alfonso) He got injured and came several times. The champions are always on track. She needs to come and she does not meet. "

After consulting with the desire to make a decision and today's work Fede Bal, Laurita took advantage of the moment with a few shots from Florentino: "At least we spent three years at the last day," said the jury, leaving a two-hour champion, because the show has so far been suspended.

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