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Learn how to work with AI Artificial Intelligence in Huawei P20 Pro


Huawei P20 Pro optimizes its functions through AI

From a second plane, AI is responsible for taking the user experience to a different level during the day, with the NPU chip (Surgical Neural Processing), which is managed by Kirin 970, managed by AI 100 to process a data platform in the cloud.

The NPU feature includes all the data on the use of the smartphone and that information is used by devices as a user-friendly choice based on your preferences, so that you adapt to Huawei P20 Pro and not in any other way.

To find out how you use your favorite apps and the amount of time dedicated to each one of them, it optimizes mobile functions each day by adjusting the amount of resources allocated to each application. This helps save energy. Unused applications will reduce battery consumption and those that go easily will be reduced by hibernating.

Triple leica camera smart photos

Before explaining how the AI ​​photo system works, let's see its hardware. Huawei P20 Pro triple Leica triple camera with a 40-MP sensor, color, focus and contrast, with 20 MP monochrome, specifying the real black-and-white frames. and not on a gray scale used as a camera on other mobile devices, it usually has an 8x bit sensor, 3x optical zoom and 5X hybrid zoom mixing information, from different focal lengths. photo

When the camera application is open, the system combines digital camera with three cameras to complete a single image. In this way, AI works as an additional layer in the composition algorithms to improve on the final picture.

Huawei P20 Pro has a front-facing camera of 24 MP for specially designed self-tints, AI offers 3D facial lighting, self-service features with facial detail and skin tone.

This process, called Intelligent Take, allows you to detect more than 500 objects and classify 19 categories. Awareness is the result of deep training: knowing the processor of "teaching" objects and differentiating things from other things. "Huawei tested his AI and tested more than 10 million images when he designed the processor.

Each scene is associated with an optimized set of parameters, for example, when Smartphone extracts the sky from the user, use the mode Blue sky and adjust saturation to highlight the color of the sky and make it faster.

Take in addition to the adjustments made by the intelligent, the photos do not burn, showing the ability of AI to make images more complex.

There is another example of Smart Photo as a photo trapped in this way flowerThe Agricultural Measurement Units (NPU) identifies the colors and textures with emphasis on beauty in each photograph without any problems.

The intelligent system detects the distance of the location of the object and automatically adjusts the scene to highlight all the details. If the goal is to find the smallest detail of a flower, if AI is a macro shot and it will be sharper to make the results really spectacular, bokeh effect in the background

With AI, the Huawei P20 Pro camera user offers real-world photography experience for each catch, and these are some of the great power tools with Intelligent Shot device: hardware and software for extracting your best cameras, even if fans allow you to make professional touches with inactive photography .

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