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Leeds as Marcelo Bielsa's spying affair – 12/01/2019

Be honest and look the same. Although this concept is a century BC, when Julio César ruled Rome, the British continue to adapt and unite this idea (like many other things). It seems mostly. That's why it's not surprising that Leeds United has posted Marcelo Bielsa's pitch after the incident spy affair The bus sent him to observe Derby County training.

"After comments by Marcelo Bielsa, the club will work with our coaches and staff To remind you of Leeds United's integrity and honesty", Expressed the leadership of the Organization through a statement.

In his short message, the club announced that the owner, with the Italian company Andrea Radrizzani, met with Derby County, Englishman Melvyn Morris, "for Formally pardon for Marcelo's actions"Very correct, British style.

Bielsa's apology and outburst of forgiveness took place at the beginning of the celebration of the rosary after his party had won 2 to 0 times in Derby County Friday after the 27th of the Championship (second category in England) sent a club staff to observe his opponent's training.

"I am responsible, I do not request an application for authorization to send this person to the club. It does not matter if I decide whether it is legal or illegal. It's enough for me to understand well what I did not understand"The coach of former Argentine coaches admitted, saying" it is not forbidden, people are not controversial and for others. "

The transmitter from Bielsa was detected by Frank Lampard of Derby County. The club's staff called the Derbyshire County Police Suspecting arrested, he arrested binoculars, a brush and a change of clothing.

After that, and after his club presented a formal protest against the Football League, Lampard questioned his colleague. "I do not care if it is a cultural one, if I can travel in my career, then I will know the current path to the country that touches me and I will respect it." I think this is a good way of acting, not just football, but life, "he shot.

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