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Lenders continue to grow in 2019 after a year's volatility – Télam


Salvador Calogero, Argentine Representative at Vivus Fintech.

Salvador Calogero, Argentine Representative at Vivus Fintech.

Fintech, a line of loans, has had a growing demand this year, but it has necessarily been an offer that offers financial volunteers and greater delinquency, the next year there will be an improvement and new products will be launched.

"Macroeconomics slow down or accelerate and we see the risk in the context of default," says Eziquiel Weisstaub, CEO and creator of Crediquotas, a member of the BIND Group.

"Argentina is a great opportunity for financial technology," he added.

Kredikotas wants to triple its customer base in 2019 and, since 2016, its investment portfolio has grown 7 times.

"When the macro begins to calm down, we expect to lower the rates and eliminate the doubts about employment," he said.

On the other hand, Facundo Vázquez, director of the BIND Group and COO, "the crisis does not indicate a better chance, if we look for paid late in 2001, we did not give more since 2001".

With more than 2,000 million pesetas, Credígotas offers personal store loans to buy durable goods in 2,500 stores; and personal loans online.

As explained by Vázquez, they plan new developments, such as "the Crediciotas payment button ready for commercialization", and we're trying to start business. "

The years were very good, with a 90% loan amount and a volume of 60%"

Salvador Caloger, fintech Vivus

"I think we will be in the second quarter of the year," he said.

In the tunnel, Juan Pablo Bruzzo, one of Monte Fintech's founders, said Telam "is growing annually in three years and growing slightly less than this year."

"It's not so much for the demand, but to anticipate the Argentine state and finish the agreement, if it were exposed to real economic crime," he explained.

Delinquency "has risen to the percentage of the financial system in general and the Moni case is lower than the financial system," he said.

Bruzzo also mentioned the financing: "We started trusting with 100% digital assets and in May this market fell sharply, there was no confidence in the beginning of volatility".

On the other hand, Alberto García, the CEO of Credit Directo, specializing in consumer loans in shops, chain and motorcycle stores, said: "We will see an important braking in the mid-term of the year, as well as the systematically default growth due to the current situation."

"However, the 2019 forecasts are favorable and we believe that consumption is beginning to recover at the end of the first quarter."

"That's why we are working with companies and agencies, with our strategic partners and attracting customers who seek an alternative, easy, competitive and personalized alternative to launching our B2C digital platform," he said. Telamera.

Meanwhile, Salvador Calogero Vivus fintech, Argentina's representative, told Telam that "it was a very good year, we have grown 90% in the amount of loans and 60% in volume."

"Demand is very good, but the macroeconomic situation is carefully focused on foreign investors, which is why the macro-macro is stable," he warned.

He said that "the team continues to do a lot of local operations and currently gives 12 thousand pesos to 30 days, but we are thinking of starting fees in March / April, because it improves the situation."

"We have more requests because the other channels have been closed due to the reduced market interest rate cuts, Vivus has real financing for foreign shareholders," he said.

"It's been said that the prospection will improve next year," they added "to create more complementary relationships with more customers with long-term clients," just like prepaid and insured ones. "

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