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Leon's back will be a bit different in the Resident Evil 2 remake


Game mechanics and views are not the only aspects of the new thing Resident Evil 2 Regarding the original game. Together with them there will be some changes to the history of the game, especially in the background Leon S. KennedyThe title of the title.

Recently, the official Japanese game account here Twitter He published a Tweet, where he explained the story Leon before the title events. That is, the message indicates:

"The official rookie was assigned to the Raccoon Country by Leon S. Kennedy. Kennedy ordered her first orders. No one was contacted and when something seemed inappropriate, Leon moved to the room. A few days later, when he arrived in the city, he changed his life it was done. "

In the original context of the game (or, at least, in the official guide), that was established Leon He was late on his first day as an officer Raccoon City After dying sleeping, after cutting the drunk with his girlfriend. If it does not change in the new background, as the title begins, the decision to change the cause after the delay changed Leon Light alcohol, more serious and useless.

Without a doubt, it is a curious detail that will undoubtedly annoy the good fans Leon He who felt this was human nature and lovable.

Resident Evil 2 Remake will be on sale on January 25th PS4, Xbox One and PC.

source: Capcom

Via: Kotaku

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