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Leukospheris was hospitalized, Garín's neighbors were killed

On Tuesday, Pablo Mediavilla, 26-year-old Garín, who had been in hospital for more than 15 days, along with leptospirosis, died from the disease transmitted by the rodent. Initially, Paul spoke about the possibility of infecting the hantavirus, but finally he dismissed this image.

Pablo was hospitalized two weeks ago at the Hospital Muñiz in Buenos Aires, and finally by the media Pilar a DiarioOn Tuesday, January 29, he died on a case of leptospirosis identified on January 20, after an initial case of an option infected with Hantavirus. After losing sight of the results of research at the Malbrán Institute.

On January 16, when his case was published publicly, the young fellow at Villa Rosa's FV factory accepted the Private Clinic of Fátima. It is similar to Hantavirus. , the disease also transmits rodents.

They were later taken to the Hospital Muñiz with the request of the family, to help a boy with a day spent on him, and after a few days after the scheduled prognosis and serious situation, the young man lost his life in the last hours.

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