Wednesday , September 28 2022

Lexus, Toyota's luxury car brand, returns to the country and wants to compete with the "Germans".


Lexus, Japan's leading automobile brand Toyota, returns to the country, where it had a low presence between 1998 and 2002, but very little. At this time the focus is customer experience, not so much sales, they say from the company … at least at the beginning. However, They say, German coaches, like Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Audi, are "powerful" forces to overcome.

Next week, Lexus will market seven models locally (with one line in April): five sedans and two SUVs, in naftalic and hybrid versions, and at prices of 76,700 and 201,000.

Japan, the real "black and white" of the local market, will end the year with the largest seller, the largest exporter and the largest local manufacturer, This week, according to Adefa data, the car manufacturers' association in Argentina fell by 18.6%. In this context, Hilux's truck was the best vehicle sold in November with 1,844 units of November (more than the one sold by the car).

In the new premium segment, Toyota believes that the sale of 300 Lexus is the first year and it commits itself to sales service world wide, along with call center 24 hours a day and almost any problem with automatically replacing cars. At noon, a quarter of an hour can be reached with a Lexus "mulete", one of the capital cities of Buenos Aires. The brand is marketed locally, the largest in the region, with the meter, on the way to the Liberator. 2,400 m2 facilities Japanese artisans are known as Takumi.

"We're still young compared to the premium market competition." To compete with Europe, we must be different: design, performance and state-of-the-art technology. We manufacture vehicles that are hand-made. We combine everything different. We are also proud of the concept omotenashi our dealers, our guest for clients. We will be in Argentina, "said a group of journalists Infobae Yoshihiro Sawa, President of Lexus International, who first arrived in the region. Sawa acknowledges that German brands lose sales worldwide, competitors grow and challenge performance and design.

"We did not search market share No volume, we want customers happy. We are selling an experience. If we do things, Lexus expects us to have the same stakes as Toyota today, "he says. Daniel Herrero, President of Toyota Argentina.

In terms of sense Calendar As a result of the decline in the automotive sector, as a result of the fall in sales and production, in the second half of the year, the local CEO assures that the company's permanent scheme has reached today's maturity, making it a luxury. "We currently provide Lexus with long-term handling for Toyota. Toyota customers also want another car; and others to persuade", explains Herrero.

From Toyota They highlight the market for all local premium vehicles, which is 14,000 per year. Unexpected potential customers own 4% of customers who own Toyota and have another luxury car.

Lexus was born in 1989 and sells around 700,000 cars worldwide. The main markets in the United States and China are 10% hybrids: they mix an ordinary motor with electricity. The region sells 2,700 units, but 50% hybrids.

The local models will have five sedans: GS 350 F-Sport (nautical) with a price of 93,200 euros; GS 450h Luxury (hybrid), USD 92,700; GS 450h F-Sport (hybrid), 93,200 USD; LS 500h Executive (hybrid) of $ 201,000; and LS 500h F-Sport (hybrid), USD 162,600. Both SUVs NX 300h Luxurry (hybrids), with a value of 76,700 dollars and NX 300h F-Sport (naphtero), of $ 85,200.

Lexus Luxury will also add Toyota to a commercialized car rental market last week, and it will also be possible to pay soy or wheat, like Hilux trucks. "There is no problem, you can pay with the costume." This is customer experience. Everything the customer needs is done, "said Herrero.

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