Saturday , July 2 2022

LG patented a patented smartphone with 16 cameras



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LG Electronics has patented the '& # 39; mobile phone' in the U.S. With 16 cameras, Lets Go Digital has been reported.

Depending on the medium, the lenses are placed with a specific curvature, which takes pictures of many perspectives. Some photo scenes allow users to choose a specific target for a photo.

It may be interesting: they show the revolutionary peculiarity of the new iPhone camera

You can also take a picture with some lenses at the same time. Then you can choose the best image of a series, but also combine images with different purposes in motion.

Additionally, the user may cut a part of the image to replace it with a captured image by another lens. Although it is possible to combine different sections of different photos.

It is also possible to select a head of a person or object and rotate it almost anywhere. When a person's head is selected, the face detection feature is also activated. Mobile phone memory is used to find out where the old face is. In this way, you can replace one face of a photo with another.

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