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Liberators Superfinal | President Chilavert, Scolari and Guild, in favor of Boca claim


The scandal that ended the suspension of the Liberators Superfinal was seen by the eyes of the world of violence. In South America, many people expressed what happened around Monumental and voices benchmarks José Luis Chilavert, Luiz Felipe Scolari and Romildo Bolzan. The three incidents were regretted and agreed by Conmebol Mouth must compensate.

Each one has – or has – a essential role In South American football, he allows them to confirm the suspension of the decisive tournament match of the continent. From the Velasco exarchist, the President of the Gremio President, the final champion of the competition, the current coach at Palmeira, about the Boca semifinal.

"You have to examine it how did it come River the latter. He was Lieutenant Domínguez Napouten, arrested at the FIFA gate in the United States, "said Chilavert on Saturday, who had already told him about the serious events that led to the delay in defining the attack.

The Liberator won the 1994 Fortin T-shirt, the ex-winner of the Conmebol President criticized: "Dominguez has never talked about Boca player. They are not interested in humans. Children and Infantry hit Boca to play the final ".

Chilavert did not dodge the debate and even more: "Conmebol I had to give Boca a cup"And he added the conversation Radio Miter: "Dominguez and Infantino must resign".

Romildo Bolzan, the Brazilian Gremio de Brasil, spoke at the same time. Although it is still difficult for the team to play against Núñez: "The river It must be sentenced to at least two or three years Not to compete in South American championships. "

"It was a pity On Saturday at Monumental, like Porto Alegre River. Conmebol has cleared and respected the fact that the matches did not happen to the semifinals until now, "recalls the Brazilian leaders.

The presence of Bolzan Gallarros lies in the presence of the Gallardo group, for example: "Copa Libertadores do not follow Due to the violation of the Gallardo semifinals ".

Luiz Felipe Scolari, the technical director of the world champion in 2002 and the Brazilian champion of Palmeira, said Boca "You should name the championsHe accepted the decision to take "Libertadores de América Copa" and the second game "no acto".

"Boca was not a joke, when I was in Boca, I would not play it, it happened in a story that happened in 2015 and won the River. Boca must also be a winner"Felipao" Scolari told the press conference after winning the Brazilian title of Palmeiras.

Scolarians decided that Boca's decision was not to play the second game, and Pablo Perez had a "great captain of Boca", who had suffered an injury he had seen during the previous speech. It is worth mentioning that Xeneize was eliminated in the Copa Libertadores de América semifinals.

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