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Liberators: Workshops lost to Palestine and stayed out

Could not be Talleres lost on Wednesday 2 to 1 in his visit to Palestine of Chile and this way he was left out of the phase of Liberating Cup groups.

Now hope is set to get a ticket to the Copa Sudamericana 2019, but we will have to wait for someone else's results.

A dream first time

With serenity, despite the need for victory, the "T" stopped for the first time in San Carlos de Apoquindo. In a boot with a lot of strong leg and many inaccuracies, the albiazul began to handle the ball, delivered by Palestinian.

The Vojvoda team did not jump back and started climbing in the field. Tomás Pochettino won followed by the right and the "T" began to take danger to the arch of Ignacio González.

Andres Cubas took it, Pochettino attacked on the right, putting the ball into the heart of the area where the "9" Dayro Moreno appeared to push it to the network, at 20 minutes.

The place adjusted the means, "the Wizard" Jiménez received more the ball and 27 Roberto Gutiérrez had a half turn around the area of ​​the girl area, but delayed in the definition and controlled Guido Herrera.

Workshops won in tranquility and complicated the "Arabs", which in pure absence sought to cut the workshops.

A second forgettable time

Palestinian was pushed forward from the first minute of the complement. He left the line of three and went out to find the tie, but found a Talleres stand, standing with his defense with four in the bottom. With "the Cholo" forward, commanding.

Patient, the "T" waited for his chance, which he had at the feet of "Tucu" Sebastián Palacios. The opportunity was unbeatable, but the forward shot it out incredibly.
And the place. With some of the push he showed in Kempes.

And at 25 minutes, almost the first time he changed the Palestinian rhythm, the ball left the "Mage" Jimenez at the point of the penalty and marked equality.

Workshops could not change in time and remained empty-handed after playing in a great part of the match better than the rival.

Up to 45 Jorquera scored 2 to 1 with which the Chileans turned the score. It was the end of the dream albiazul, who tried another goal to go to the penalties but it could not be.


Palestinian 2: Ignacio González 5; Guillermo Soto 5, Alejandro González 6, Luis Del Pino 6, Bryan Véjar 5; Julián Fernández 5, Carlos Farías 5, César Cortés4; Luis Jiménez 8, Lucas Passerini 5 and Roberto Gutiérrez 6. DT: Ivo Basay

Workshops 1: Guido Herrera 5; Nahuel Tenaglia 6, Miguel Araujo 5, Juan Cruz Komar 6 and Fernando Bersano 5; Andrés Cubas 5, Pablo Guiñazú 6, Tomás Pochettino 7 and Juan Ramírez 5; Sebastián Palacios 5 and Dayro Moreno 7. DT: Juan Pablo Vojvoda
Goals: PT: 20m Dayro Moreno (T). ST: 25m Luis Jiménez (P), 45m Cristóbal Jorquera (P).
Changes: ST, at the beginning Enzo Guerrero (6) by Cortés (P), 18m Fabián Ahumada by Passerini (P), 29m Gonzalo Maroni by Bersano (T), 40m Cristóbal Jorquera by Jiménez (P) and Joel Soñora by Araujo (T ), 43m Junior Arias by Guiñazú (T).
Expelled: ST 52m Julián Fernández (P).
Warned: In Palestine: Soto, Pedro Gutiérrez, Julián Fernández, Jímenez, Farías; in Factories: Bersano, Guiñazú, Cubas, Pochettino, Palacios.
Referee: Leodan González (Uruguay).
Stadium: San Carlos de Apoquindo, Santiago de Chile.

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