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Life could begin on Earth, thanks to a simple element we use every day


If you believe in classic Monsters films and ancient science experiments, it begins with a spark of life.

No one is convinced of this native story, the search continues with the energy-saving energy saving soup. Perhaps the secret ingredient is not a bit more saliva.

The study conducted by researchers at the Earth Sciences Institute of the Earth at the Tokyo Institute of Technology (ELSI) has warned that conventional sodium chloride has been used as a potential channel for chemical energy necessary for premature biochemistry.

Sodium chloride is a ratio of 1: 1 sodium and chloride ions, which in this case may be chlorine ions. After giving a dose of rapid electromagnetic radiation, that is.

We have seduced the origin of life on earth for ever.

Science has worked hard to explain how the level of diversity is living. We can also use explanations like natural selection to only delay the clock.

At some point, one must jump from a chaotic face of organic chemicals, rethinking the imperfect code of the highly recommended lifestyle; The first ecosystem, usually referred to as the RNA world hypothesis.

Unfortunately, the whole hypothesis involves a chicken and egg problem.

Life relies on energy with only one source – whether it consists of chemical bonding or sunlight, and it is used to reorganize compounds. Without energy sources, we were unable to accelerate the production of chemicals responsible for primitive genetic codes.

While all modern organisms are required for mobile machinery, the first metabolic leap should be a nuclear source. Something simple was not found in life, but in the environment.

In the early 1950s, two chemists named Stanley Miller and Harold Urey produced amino acids through simple materials, and proteins did not require basic sources of vital material.

He gave them a strain on the medium, the beginning of the Earth was supposed to be a generous stream of tension strikes.

Although this process is mixed with amino acids, RNA is composed of the basic chemicals alphabet. The emerging jobs have also raised an energy problem.

Last year, a group of researchers proposed a wave of shock waves caused by asteroids to convert them into concrete concrete into a concrete molecule.

One of the problems of dramatic events such as asteroid strikes and lightning strikes is a fair work to explain some of the least key players. In the meantime, there are other chemicals that also protect other roles.

This new study progresses a little bit towards raising the story of a widespread expression of fundamental reaction to life-threatening reactions. For example, it is a compound called cyanamide.

The work done by other researchers explains other ways, such as hydrogen cyanide to the basic RNA, and begins with blocks under the speed of light. But the generation of the cyanamide was necessary, and no one had any chemistry.

"Our goal was therefore to develop a reaction network that produces simple sugars and cyanamide, which is why many important pioneers in the" single-handed "RNNA synthesis are important in the" reporters "in their report.

If the analysis of the chain of non-UV light was analyzed, but after analyzing more gamma radiation, the levels of cyanamide were reactive in relatively surprising proportions: chloride ions.

The two saline waters pay special attention to sodium, and the chlorine, which is rarely involved in reactions, is neglected.

In this case, it seems that the electrons of the chlorinated irradiated by gamma ray cause loosens to generate the necessary energy to achieve this mixture.

In other words, it makes a more complex (and less exciting) lightning strikes and shock wave. But life is not starting with a boom.

It is possible to create a living being with the generosity of the species.

This study was published ChemistrySelect.

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