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The Government published the official Chocobar doctrine. In the Official Gazette, Patricia Bullrich, a new regulation for the use of firearms by the security minister was published, which violates and abolishes the current forces and the United Nations recommendations. This regulation allows firearms to be used flexibly in the presence of a "dangerous threat" that is "under threat" or suspected of a deadly weapon. In addition, he uses firearms to escape to get arrest. "It's easy to legitimize easy activation," Correpiti warned.

Article 2 contained in the safety standard may be used in all cases where the security forces act against a breach when using firearms: to prevent self-defense, to prevent crime, to prevent arrest or escape. And even though the police officer of the "paralyzed voice" police informs the police, in the case of "trigger" cases in the case of police versions, in cases where "cases of case" occur, it must be used in police versions, the discretionary left of the official criterion shoots

The protocol authorized by President Mauricio Macrio today is "firmly at risk", which is described in a broad and flexible article 5:

  • When death or death is at serious risk, or to third parties.
  • When the alleged offense contains a deadly weapon, it proved after the events that the weapon was deadly.
  • Suppose the supposition is supposed to be a deadly weapon
  • When armed, seek to cover benefits, conceal it or improve your attack position.
  • You may have a certain or highly probable production capacity, even if you use weapons, deaths or serious injuries.
  • After the escape or cause, after the death or serious injury.
  • The number of attackers or the number of attackers or the weapons used by the attack causes the ability of the material to fulfill the obligation or to exercise one's self-defense or third parties.

Cambiemos changes the doctrine officially published in the Official Gazette, in defense of the local police Luis Chocobar, to reach an oral trial that considers Juan Pablo Kukoc as a serious murder. The accusation of Chocobar was confirmed in three legal cases, finally, the National Criminal Chamber of Chambers, Minister Bullrich said the prosecutor continued "to continue thinking about what the police should do." The president asserted that the sentence was criticized by the judges: "I do not know what the judges expect, what will I do?". Article 4 of the new regulation states that "the use of weapons by injuries or death causes" the proper communication of close relatives or friends ".

Current regulations have underlined the different criteria of the Chocobar doctrine and emphasizes that "the police's technique and tactics are the privilege of privileging the protection of people's life and physical integrity", as shown in the Police Police Training Manual, as federal. The training manual also reduced the use of firearms in the case of a flight, with the exception of third-party shooter threats. Meanwhile, the code of conduct and the use of United Nations weapons are underlined as "essential" and "in accordance with the severity of moderation and crime", in order to minimize damage and injuries ", and respects and protect human lives."

Bullrich anticipated a new rule in early November, when police officer Carlas Céspedes, who killed Ariel Santos in the back, wanted to disarm the Chinese supermarket. Prior to its receipt, the minister celebrated the network as a result of the acquittal of Céspedes, following its excessive abusive function. "If you say it was filmed … But here it was not over, and it was not armed," Santos's mother-in-law judges decided, following the abolition rules of the Ministry of Security.

"It looks and simple, to legitimize easy activation," Correpia warns of the rules published in the Official Gazette. According to the Case File of the anti-repression organization, the 5462 Argentine people died from the institutional violence of the return of democracy, in which case a total of 725 changes occurred in the first two years of the Government of Cambodia.

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