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Lionel Messi is "desperate" for his son's "Rock and Roll Baby" floppy disk, the rage is in networks – 06/01/2014


"Matthew came to my wife more, Thiago, on the other hand, is more, more often and shy for me. Matthew is a more personal character, he loves more music and danced like his mother. And Ciro starts to walk. "Lionel Messi is very clear about the identity of each child, and it is not coincidentally defined, Matthew, the second, who most surprises him.

On Sunday, while playing against his father Getafe, after a few weeks of returning to football, in Las Fiestas, Mateo, three years ago (born on September 11, 2015) became news. Or, in other words, he was angry, after a short video clip.

Antonela, her mother, was in charge of millions of followers. Instagram They were entertained Matthew, sitting in front of the toy battery, shouting "Rock and Roll Baby"I send you a big kiss. "

It must be said that Leo is not a woman "opens" the doors of her palace in Castelldefels. In fact, Matthew also shared a recording a few months ago He was surprised by his dance steps. And it's like that. 10-year-old children's ease and sympathy are never attracting attention.

When Father Getafe was confronted with magic, he indicated videos and emotions, no joy. "Noooooooo! How will it bring the King?", "Hold now", it was a commentary that left Flea. Clearly, it is clear that Matthew's battery is under heavy night.

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