Wednesday , May 18 2022

Lionel Messi's discomfort with a photo for Yael Shelby


Lionel Messi is constantly presenting the exhibition as President. The best player in the world monopolizes flashes like the most important leaders. In this case, the protagonist of La Pulga video was with Israel's model, Yael Shelby, to comment on social networks.

It took part in an afternoon organized by a mobile phone brand, with football and model being spectacular faces. On the carpet's red carpet, Messi, Yael, approached and embraced the photographers waiting for him at that moment.

In addition to being calm, Mexico was hard and shy the partner approached. Leo looked after him and never touched him. She was always smiling and respectful.

This made a great deal of attention on social media, which made it very surprising to see Argentina. Some people agreed on the "family man" image, while others called "family respect".

Photos and more photos between football and model.
Photos and more photos between football and model.

Messi and the Russian promoter in the World Cup prediction

It's not the first time that Messi has a beautiful photo with beautiful women. To predict the Russian World Cup, a promoter asked for a photo.

Flea agreed and the details were eloquent: got ten He put it in his pocket and pulled it out.

"Hands in pockets, more embraces, in love," says the photo captioner's caption. And it's like that. It is not a figure that will create a simple image.

The marriage between Lionel Messi and Antonela Rocfo is one of the most popular in Argentina. Their relationship, when they were very young, has a fairy tale. Young Angel Rosario is the value of the girlfriend of her long life and is not a woman that earns her reputation or money.

Messi is a family man. This is shown on her Instagram, with her children and even with her wife. There's no day when you do not see a crack post playing Thiago and Matt.

but Messi must be a public figure. And everything that comes together around. Therefore, always take measures when taking pictures with the characters. And that was the case of the image Russian developer and Israeli model.

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