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Lisandro Carret: Dany told me that her mother had done several things to the department


Luciano López L. / [email protected] / @ lucianolopez25

Dany Lescano The program launched a powerful report on the air "Passion", America, At the age of 78 when his mother died.

The woman died on December 23 hospital of Pacheco Judges the case of gender violence.

In this field, the band's singer "Stone flower" He cited the air of his mother's death and reported that he was 38 years old with his former partner.

"Thanks to my old lady, it's no longer (Stays). Where is the camera To you, I tell you, Javier, the payment of my wife. You have to pay ", Cumbia singer was mobilized.

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Lisandro CarretOne of the drivers of the cycle, he immediately sent the cuts and the studio was in silence. He contacted the association, told him about the momentous moment he lived with his singer.

"At that time he was surprised, he did not say he said, when he was greeted by the show, when I saw a great mobilization, Dany was unusual, and when he was greeted by everyone, his mother tells him and goes on the camera, and as he says Javier would pay his mother what he would do , and he left, he did not go to court for music or anything. "He explained Lisandro

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She added: "I took him, took him and embraced him, and we went to court." At that moment it seemed to me logical, I could not ignore this situation, I spoke to him in the court, I asked what happened to me and told me what he was. 38-year-old man, he was a mum member at the age of 3, almost 80 years old. And he burned and did many things to keep his mother's apartment, he said. These were literal words. "

"Dany was very enthusiastic, he told me this and left him, he let us all like this. (Serantoni) and Marcela (Bath) They asked me what happened to you and told him that. Life was something that was totally unexpected, it was a reaction, did not talk and it was not previously agreed " has finished Cart


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