Thursday , June 8 2023

Live: Belgrano won and Atletico Tucuman was at Alberdian


With Belgrano Independiente, he has lost three more points to raise the average level. And draw 1-1 Atlético Tucumán With the number 13 of Superliga, Leonardo Sequeira's goal with punishment, for the first time 12. TNT Sports plays on television.

What happens in the match?

At the age of 11 Matías Suárez was mistaken. Leonardo Sequeira turned into a 12-PT penalty room.

The equalizer came in the minute 31 with Bruno Bianchi, and he was surprised.


Belgrano: César Rigamonti; Tomás Guidara, Hernán Menosse, Matías Nani and Sebastián Luna; Maximiliano Lugo, Federico Lértora, Juan Brunetta and Gabriel Alanís; Leonardo Sequeira and Matías Suárez. DT: Diego Osella.

Atlético Tucumán: Christian Lucchetti; José San Román, Bruno Bianchi, Jonathan Cabral and Mathias Abero; Guillermo Acosta, Neri Laws, David Barbona and Ricardo Noir; Javier Toledo and Leandro Díaz. DT: Ricardo Zielinski.

goals: PT, 12m Sequeira (B). ST, 31m Bianchi (AT).

Referee Mauro Vigliano. Field: Belgrano de Córdoba. Time: 19. Television: TNT Sports.




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