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Lizy never goes unnoticed: "I dedicate my six children to me"

Tuesday, November 27, 2018 07:14

Funny speech by Lizy Tagliani after Martin Fierro de Radio's best work of humor.

When you go, it is not passing unnoticed. In his opinion, a fun joke and successful imitation, Lizy Tagliani, won the love of the public … and he won prizes!

The best humorous work called Ternada at El club del Moro, a cycle sent by La 100; Claudio Rico (Feinmann / La Red) and Roberto Moldasvky (Continental / Continental Bravo) Lizy Aptra was chosen to get a well-deserved award.

After receiving the embrace of Vero Lozano, while Cortáca worked with Lozano, the comics resonated with his stamp: "Well, yes," he began in a more serious voice.

"Thank you, Egia Caro (Ardohain), you are beautiful, they are divine, you, Peluffo, almost ha ha, ha, I'm very grateful for this reward, it's true that if you are the first to punish life but then, and all the people helped me, one of them, Mr. Santiago del Moro, who always advised me, I would like to offer my mother, father and my 6 children, ha ha ha thank you, from my heart " Closed, before today's laughter.

source: https://www.ciudad.com.ar/espectaculos/divertido-discurso-lizy-tagliani-tras-llevarse-martin-fierro-radio-mejor-labor_110062


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