Sunday , May 16 2021

Look at the images of the hidden face of the moon

After some research and expeditions, China expanded hidden face image moon. According to Li Chunlai, according to the commander-in-chief of the mission's other application system, this test can be seen surrounded by small craters.

Thus, the National Science Space of China (CNSA) published a 360-degree 360-minute 360-view motion on Friday. The panorama shows a lunar gray surface, a part of the robot and a marker with wheels.

Yutu-2 remote-controlled vehicle Yade-2 (Jade Rabbit 2) is a lunar surface for analysis, Telefe News, The CNSA warned that the robot, landed on January 3, was very rugged.

According to Li Chunlai, the main commander of the mission's system of other applications, according to the features of moon observation, See that it is a set of small craters.

Likewise, Li also cites craters near the robot, one of them 20 meters wide and four meters deep, is a challenge for engineers who prepare the route.

In this sense, the CNSA described the first part of the mission total success The probe and the robot sent two photographs via satelite Queqiao satellite, responsible for sending Earth information. The mission will now direct the stage of scientific exploration, the agency is over.

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