Friday , January 15 2021

Look Ecuador's Just Discovered This Tree Adorable Adorable And Extraordinarily Strange

Apart from the lively life of the Cordillera del Cóndor in Ecuador and Peru, the availability of mountain ranges and border conflicts over the decades has been the chance to see all the scientists in recent years.

The findings are becoming quite amazing. The newest one is wonderful, still very strange, on a slope of 2,000 meters above the slopes or on the slopes (6,562 feet).

And what are beautiful frogs, obscure dark, like the cover of a gold star, which places camouflage on damp leaves, like sharks like a tiger.

In addition, the previous feet have an unusual feature, structures like the backs of the thumb, whose function is unknown. It can be used as a protection against recipients, or perhaps used as a weapon in male abuses.

frog claw(Gustavo Pazmiño, BIOWEB Ecuador / CC BY 4.0)

Santiago R. Ron studied the studies carried out by the University of Ecuador's universities to determine the morphological observations and genetic tests to be a new species of frog.

They were registered Hyloscirtus hillisi – Hillisi torrent frog – In honor of David Hillis, he discovered three species Hyloscirtus Ecuadorian genre in the 1980s.

The frogs arrived was not easy.

"We came across a steep territory for two days, and then we discovered a dwarf forest that was found on the table between sweating and fatigue," said biologist Alex Achig, University of the University of Ecuador. travel, but he did not participate in paper.

"The rivers were black and the frogs were seated on them, like brown frogs in the branches of the bushes, which were difficult to find, because they were mixed with the bottom."

hillisi torrent frog rama(Diego Almeida / ZooKeys)

However, despite the fact that the groups had experienced herpetologists, they found only two habitat inhabited by frogs, shoes and young people, and the other with a small number of adults and a subadult.

Because of the small number of frogs that arrived and regional mining has led to an amphibian population, researchers believe they have recently discovered frogs of the new Hillisi.

Igel magazine has been described ZooKeys.

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