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Lourdes Snchez destroys the 2018 Dance Jury: "It was not a professional"

The Dance of 2018 was over, but it seems that the struggles between judges and participants are latent. Things have not forgotten and constantly concern the subject Lourdes Sánchez. The president of the Bar, Dancers and Panelists talked about the dance competition and did not forget the jury of the Marcelo Tinelli program, but this was not all, choosing the people who scored the score and liquids.

The lawsuit was born in the Brito Ngel program, when Los Angeles's director was listening to the 2019 jury of Ester Dantza in the morning, and when he was listening to the words of the show's journalist, Lourdes did not ask: "Are there professional people dancing?", Consult Chato Prada's wife and then another panelist One came in and said: "Laurita (Fernndez) this year," said Mariana Brey.

lourdes sanchez laurita fernandez

Before Brey's layoffs, Snchez did not hold on and lapidary: "No, professional at the jury Laurita was not a professional, she forgot the dance," dispar Lourdes. Later, the boy revealed the unknown and said: "There is no professional dance," said the jury and a few minutes later, they will be chosen by Tinelli: Pampita, Florence Pea, Marcelo Polino and L.

It should be remembered that the jury has not done so Laurita FernndezShe has been with LAM and admits she wants to be on the other side of the next year, and she must be one of the participants, so her position will be the Pampita jury's experience. This time and Florentine delegate in 2018.

In this way, proposals and new ideas will begin, and thirteen years after the competition began on April 8. "We celebrate thirty years while preparing all the things that happened to us during these years, and I think it's a good thing for the Super Dancer," the rider advances and clearly states that he is planning to make a federal program.

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