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Low cost and trades have a great cost – 08/08/2013


Those traveling by plane do not report to the Government He allowed the union of the Flybondi Union The question is simple and unique: what does it mean or does it mean?

At that time, avoid or avoid the backpack of the union to avoid weight bend your back One year in the low cost of transporting 10% of the local passenger already. He has become a third-party operator behind Aerolíneas and Latam.

There is another thing that can not be seen, but everyone who wants to see it will be able to see if aeronautics were only part of the mosaic aerodynamic mosaic tile or an anti-Argentinean unity step.

The unions are few and legal. Peronist's trade unionism questioned. This is a maneuver that minimizes workers 'defense and workers' negotiation. This is what it is undermine your strength.

Flybondi is a process to sign up. The Statute and, above all, must submit a sufficient number of affiliates. Then you have representatives. But you should also complete another procedure. Or, in other words, Main procedure: the status of the union, the only credential that the statute provides, that allows the negotiation of wages and working conditions jointly.

There is no activity in the airlines as it works like a lot of trades. Eight total, only with six union statutes and two other legal statutes. Its leaders compete and make alliances with them all the time and with different political groups. The system for the business is inescapable: anyone can slow down or hinder flights and see it all the time.

In total 2018, there were seven strikes base. Previous to the anti-government unionists. Kirchner, above all, is near some Moyano and other CTA recitals. In this constraint, Pablo Biró doubles the duplicity: one and the other, just like the pilots.

Chaos and Aeroparque passenger claims in the guild of airline companies last November 8th. Photo by Mario Quinteros

Chaos and Aeroparque passenger claims in the guild of airline companies last November 8th. Photo by Mario Quinteros

The military birch in the current stream was approached by technicians Ricardo Cirielli (APTA), a former barrister and official who allegedly corrupted Kirchner at that time. Juan Pablo Brey, Aeronavegantes (AAA), along with Moyano and Egdardo Llana, the second of Yasky's APA trunk is in the CTA. Rubén Fernández, the hierarchy, is independent, as Cristian Erhardt, like Australia's riders.

Apart from these six trade unions, Latam has two other legal statuses: ATCPEA AAA and USTARA cabin crew compete with APTA flight technicians. Sorry for acronyms.

Peronism remained intact for a long time. All this architecture is the only state of unions and there is a historic anti-unionist party.

Flybondi cases are analogous with Metrodelegados, armed with a UTA joint venture company. Also, it is a difference: the subdelegated is a bottom structure. Flybondi in his hand It seems to go back.

Low cost noise and Full market and world competition competition. But here is the process that is left.

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