Sunday , January 24 2021

Lucas Belbrunok made La Voz in Argentina an exciting version of Aleluia

Whether to determine the public Lucas Belbruno Continue forward "La Voz Argentina", surprised by the singer on the transmission tonight given by everyone, together with Marley, a very exciting version Alleluia

Belbruno It is blind and one of the privileged voices of the program. However, in the previous phase, Axel He did not choose it Soledad Pastorutti He saved it and took it to his team.

Now, Sole He gave two other singers a priority, Sofia Morales and Darío Lazarte. Therefore, Belbruno He must agree with the public.

However, everyone who fascinated their version and the judges had more eloquent faces: loneliness He showed himself with tears, Tini I could not believe it Montaner Claimed standing.

surely, Axel He had to make a decision a few weeks ago, because he did not stop praising former members of his team.

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