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Luciano Castro points out the reasons for the distribution of Sabrina Rojas – 10/01/2019


One day later Sabrina Rojas (38) the country confirms the separation of the speaker at the moment, Luciano Castro (43) the camera was amazed Morning angels (El Trece, at 10:30 a.m.), apart from the polemic that confesses the fractures, as well as the wife and mother of their younger children, I hope (5) and harbourhood (4).

In the afternoon, when the actor was preparing surfing Mar del Plata, where he is on vacation with the model and his children, with the LAM's chronicle Maite Peñoñori He met him and, first of all, he did not agree with his wife to report the distinction.

"I do not agree, I'm not a politician"Then he said he would return to Buenos Aires," he must work, "and then he will return to Merry with his children.

"Sabrina is the biggest in the world"At that moment, he stressed," asking if there is anything to do with a drama ".Simple is easier than complex. Yes, (we confirm the separation) but it is a calm and a decompression"he clarified.

"We We have much more than separationWe do not stay with the word and the thing, it's better and we have to evolve, "he examined deeply.

Sabrina Rojas and Luciano Castro in love and smiling in an old postcard. (Instagram)

Sabrina Rojas and Luciano Castro in love and smiling in an old postcard. (Instagram)

He also said that he did not like his wife's "dramatization" now. "We are never in the media or interest. There are people who are already trying to split up and leave We do it for our children's mental health … In the end, I must talk to my wife when I speak inside the house, "he added in the temple.

When Maite reminded her of Sabrina He said he did not know if this detachment was unlimitedLuciano rose and quickly explained: "He often cured a distinction to be better and often not, it is often definitive, so nothing … we see that we are grown-up people, We love each other, we love each other".

A few weeks ago, he proved that the model claimed Instagram Instagram, where Luciano was violent and consolidated drug dependence, the actor said: "I do not like it, Sucks … He has been working for 26 years and people know meIn Basque I know who I am, I do not have to explain it. "

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