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Luis D & # 39; Elías surveyed in this case Cristina did not appear: Kicillof won – 06/01/2019


As a way of advising, Luis D & # 39; Elía Piquetero former began his survey in which case you will not appear Cristina Kirchner as candidate. He made it through the medium: Twitter. On Sunday, the survey began on Sunday 10 and will end one day. How does the result come late afternoon? Axel Kicillof up, far away.

along with Over 200 thousand followers, D & # 39; Elía proposed four variants. He commented: "In this case, @CFKArgentina can not be a candidate for the president or not, who would choose this candidate?" In addition to Kicillof, he proposed another former Minister of Economy (Amado Boudou), the Deputy Chief of the K Block, Agustín Rossi; and former director of Alberto Fernández Fernandez.

15 years ago, the polls passed over 3,000 votes and Kicillofas achieved a 47% vote. Rossi continued 26%, Boudou 16% and the last one with Fernández 11%..

D & # 39; Elía raised the variants in her mind @Luis_Delia They have theirs peculiarity:

Kicillof It is supposed to be the strongest variant of the provincial governor of Buenos Aires. As Clarín planned for weeks, Cristina sent her to measure this opportunity and went well

– A Boudou When he dreams of the presidential nightmare, Ciccone was captured at that maneuver, he condemned.

Fernández He went to Peronist's various areas of the army, but he never crowned the candidate, nor was the deputy councilor.

– The group is the only one released Rossi, although he won in Santa Fe in 2017.

In this space, the names of K are Felipe Solá and Daniel Scioli.

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