Thursday , February 9 2023

Luis Miguel was not welcomed in Mexico: booing and criticism


Luis Miguel They came to Argentina and the shows were exhausted. But all audiences do not expect the same way.

This week, the King of the Sun accepted the recital of the National Auditorium of the City of Mexico and received a lot of criticism.

According to the press, the artist lasted 45 minutes on stage, and the public, with great love, disagreed with the "mariachi" block.

Luis Miguel

Luis Miguel collected several songs with him, fighting with musicians who were irritable and friendly. As if it were not enough, the singer repeatedly shut up the small trousers that appeared to the audience. And the last touch threw the microphone.

"Half a half of the concert, and advanced songs, he helped and rehabilitated someone," he told his fans. "At first, I opened my eyes, I drank, I did not know what song I started singing, I was throwing my microphone twice," wrote another.

Luis Miguel was booed

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