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Luka Modric's story: a life marked by war – 03/12/2018


Fight for survival. If you need to choose a phrase together with your story, maybe Luka Modric He felt identified with it. He was a childhood difficult, the Balkans wars bombard and little physicist, who was expelled from each of the major clubs presented as a child, dreamed of being a footballer who survived the new Whale's Whale.

After being one of the best figures of Real Madrid in the third season of the Champions League, Modric could not get the highest goalscoring in the World Cup in Russia, the Croatians capitalized on France in the last moskovs. However, his simple and vertical game was not taken into account and he ended the kingdom Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. First, choose one of the Best World Cups and then win the prize The Best Awarded by FIFA and today's famous prize France Football.

"When you are a child, you have always dreamed of, it was mine to play a great club and win trophies, everything I dreamed as a Gold Ball child, is the honor to win this award," said Modric to describe an unforgettable 2018. . However, there was nothing easy with the little Croatian giant.

On September 9, 1985, after the appearance of the bloodiest armed conflicts after World War II, Radojka and Stipe, the mother and father of Real Madrid, took part. Modrici, village located in Zaton Obrovacki, about 60 kms from the Clinical Zadar Luka was born.

The family that remained in this rural area did not last long since 1991 To dissolve Yugoslavia and to create a nation of Croatian as a new nationThe anti-Serbian war began ten years before the end of 2001 and killed 200 thousand people and displaced millions.

Was a tragic event Modric's family escaped. "He saw how Lukas killed his grandparents. To avoid escaping from the dead and the mountains to Zadara, they did not choose any option, "said Josip Bajlo, NK Zadar, the first club sports coach.

Modrico, on the other hand, did not want to speak publicly. However, in the last French first, he did not avoid it. "I do not like things to go back, everything that's been going on, but of course, the war has an impact. Croatia has strengthened. But I do not want to discuss the past, we have to look into the future, "the captain asked.

Luka Modric as a child.

Luka Modric as a child.

Burning death and home Radojka, Stipe and Luka is just six years old They crossed the 60-kilometer stretch from Zadar to Modric. The new house was in the room where Kolovare was located in the hotel, becoming a refugee site like many other establishments in the area.

But then, anguish and sadness found a repair in a ball. In that place in the parking lot, Luka played football with only other children or alone. And he ended his passion for changing his life.

One of the windows was one of those days, the owner of the hotel, NK Zadar leader. He informed the club and did not hesitate to open the doors. "We accepted children because they were not locked all day long. Luka became a child's baby, "recalled Tomislav Basic's channel + documentary, Modric's sports dad.

The hotels, attached to the club's training center, became a new family home. But football did not appear as a salvation: 500-day streams recalled 500 red wars.

He spent two years in an isolated Zadar without electricity or water, The main goal of the club was to have children live in situations as a game. "When the alarm was heard, we all went to the hostel, the heroine came first," said the Basics.

Luka Modric as a child.

Luka Modric as a child.

The conditions of Luka were indispensable and the little neighborhood was soon too small. Modric dreamed: he played a team that was a fan of Hajduk. Although they did not know about his body, NK leaders have been reading Luka for eight years. But talent was not enough. They dismissed it, because it was short and very clear. It was the first of several rocks.

With the help of each NK coach, he quickly realized that he was a great player in the club, until he made inferiors, At the age of 16, he chose and signed Dinamo Zagreb, the largest and most powerful Croatian club..

The NK Zadar Court, the first Luka Modric club. (Photo: AFP)

The NK Zadar Court, the first Luka Modric club. (Photo: AFP)

But the debut of Dinamo did not come; On the contrary, it was the first decision of the leaders Try the toughest county law: Bosnian. Modric loan in Zrijinski, Mostar, year. The first debut with the 17th. He jumped out and suffered a sneak peak in rural football. But he was one year old and returned to Zagreb.

He proved enough time, but when he returned he found a new loan. This time, to play in the Inter League of Croatian for Inter Zapresic. In which, the First Division coach confronted him with the first ten games.

It was not wrong: in the sixth, Modric received a 21-year Sub-21 call for 21 in Croatia. At the end of the first round of the champions, Inter Zapresic was crowned winter champion After that, it has six points of the powerful Dynamo Dynamo Luka recovered finally won at the end of a championship.

Modric left his physical prejudices; He was always treasured by the understanding of his game, and at the age of 19 he debuted with the strongest Croatian. It was a league The first five titles in Luka's five titles, next year the best Croatian player was chosen.

"I can only say that I never doubted myself"He commented on the Russian abilities 1.72 meters. "I always think that here it could come true, thank God for reality. This was not a barrier, but an additional motivation for me. You do not have to be strong in football, "he insisted, for example, to start.

For 2008, nobody could deny that his future was in one of the biggest leagues. In the end, English was the first stop. Tottenham paid 20 million euros to buy And, four seasons later, The giant Real Madrid has 30 million passes.

2020 Modifier in Tottenham, against Tevez, then in Ciudadela. (AP Photo / Tim Hales)

2020 Modifier in Tottenham, against Tevez, then in Ciudadela. (AP Photo / Tim Hales)

When he arrived in Merenge, he won the local team He conquered everything he had ever dreamed of as a childFour champions, three European Supercups, three World Cup clubs, one Spanish League, one round and two Spanish Supercups.

Latest champions modification. (Photo: EFE / EPA / SERGEY DOLZHENKO)

Latest champions modification. (Photo: EFE / EPA / SERGEY DOLZHENKO)

"I had a difficult life, but the most important thing was not to give up. There were obstacles, there were ups and downs, but you always believe in yourself. Success is needed to face problems and get into the dream. That's what got me to this point, "he said.

He could not dream of having a world champion with his shirt in the country, A country marked as a war in Luka Modric. Football must be adapted to become a new king. Messi and Ronaldo will be the only player to come to history.

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