Wednesday , September 28 2022

Luxury trip to the Xeneize campus


End Libertadores CupThe trip was definitely a round trip. On November 10, without any problems, the first drummer played in Bombonera. But on the same month 24, again monumental. After the ups and downs of the micro mouth, posterg. Finally, incognica, date and place were determined after several days: December 9 Santiago Bernabu.

However, this definition Conmebol liberators Continue adding chapters. This time, news jewelry "xeneize", since the players that play in the group Guillermo Barros Schelotto They made a very special request.

After a lot of adrenaline and tension, and much longer during the delays that were before the Duelu River, players from La Ribera needed a moment of release to get to the last day, a little more relaxed.

Therefore, according to TN public, players can help comedians with their humorous Madrid Roberto Moldavsky, because they believe that sharing of happiness could be good for the team to reduce the tension generated in the previous one to a key aspect.

The desire of the players was fulfilled. On Wednesday, on Wednesday, the team departed from Spain, where the "top, high and high humble" flight was located.

"They invited me from Boca to invite you and then I learned about the social network of the idea of ​​the school. I do not know the idea, but the invitations are always caught. When they bring Chocotorta, nobody knows who they are, "says a humorist, already at the bottom of the plane, in conversation with Sper Miter Sports.

And he said: "Thankfully, I'm a fan. Nobody made the show or entertained by the players. We have good screenplay because I play in the last two championships and it has been good so I have been invited. It is a gesture that I remember, for the benefit of what happened in that event, and so I went, as I have had many other times, "ampli Moldavsky. In any case, I admit that if I had the opportunity to act in school, "I would love".

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