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Macri family, divided by superclásico: Chicano between Mauricio and Jorge


Jorge and Mauricio Macri, joined by politics, separated by football Source: Archive

(NA) .- Different families in Argentina live moments of stress for each superclassic and before the president's predecessor.

Mauricio Macri

There is no exception, cousin Vicente Lopez and his head,

Jorge Macri,

they're a fan


At the end of the forecast

Copa Libertadores,

The communist leader said "About ten years ago," the clashes between the Boca and the River go hand in hand with "respectful silence" within the family of the Italian origin.

"Before being difficult," he reminded the president of the Province of the Group, who laughed.

In Radio Mitter's statements, Jorge Macri said that his agreement with the partner is "after a few days, they will be charged" with superclass results.

The Libertadores Super Final will be the mayor of Vicente Lopez in the monumental stadium, and the president will watch it on TV on the fifth Los Abrojos, Buenos Aires, Malvinas Argentinas in Buenos Aires.

Macri and his Superclassic

Macri River, Boca and a large part of the cabinet
Macri River, Boca and a large part of the cabinet

Mauricio Macri will not be present at the Monumental, but he played his classic for the week. On Wednesday night,
In the fifth presidential election of Oliver, River and Boca played with former football players.

Macri was President of Boca between 1995 and 2007. Cabinet ministers warned that they did not sleep "for sleeping" for three weeks, using the word "culón", by mentioning a million technical directors.

They played for River, Fillol Duck, Néstor Gorosito, Roberto Ayala and Roberto Trotta, while Chéné Serna, César Lapaglia, Aníbal Matellán and Antonio Barijho were in the club. In addition, officials attended.

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