Sunday , March 26 2023

Macrin vs. Llinás ARA with San Juan and the Superclásico duel


The actor made some classic sketches against the president's position, the Argentinian underwater discovery and the national duel against the Libertadores final.

Verónica Llinás has once again criticized Mauricio Macri, president of the country, after a three-day international decree, declaring ARA's appearance in San Juan and the death of her 44 crew.

"I'm dragging down, what tragedy?" Tragedy is when I dance to Tini's songs at my feet, do you know what Mauri is going through all night? "Llinási is said to be in a sketch shared on social networks.

"Do not tell you that you are a rogue leader who is a rogue, a party that went by a dollar for a day, what ignorance! Do you know how it felt the man? I was sorry to see that dance. I did not want to go, we had to go to the helicopter cococho , "mentioned character hashtag named" #PresidentInsensible ".

The final of the Copa Libertadores, which will take place on Saturday, was also featured on the video of the actors who fancied the fanaticism of Boca's Macri: "Do you know how to stress the state's Americans?" The president resumed fifteen days ago … G20 what? River-Boca, Superclásico! he did not say


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